Bolt Travel


UX/UI & Copy

Bolt is taking a unique, subscription-based approach to group travel. The previous site was built on Squarespace and involved a significant amount of manual work to manage incoming leads, trip transactions, subscriptions, and more. We decided to take a #nocode approach to building out a re-designed site and updated positioning.

Our stack

I worked closely with Bolt and the #nocode dream team at Makerpad to come up with a strategy and set of services that would allow Bolt to scale and operate with minimal overhead.

I chose to build the site in Webflow -- an obvious choice given its easy customizability and plethora of integrations.

We rounded out our stack with Airtable (for managing members and trip info), Memberstack (for login functionality and conditional visibility in Webflow), and Zapier (to tie a few things together.


As part of the redesign, we wanted to give Bolt a home more fitting its beautiful, aspirational content. While many of the significant process improvements live behind the scenes, existing members agreed that the updated site was easier to use and easier on the eyes.

The Results

A new design is nothing without results. For us, a primary KPI was customer acquisition cost. I felt strongly that with more straightforward copy and clear value propositions we could convert more users to leads and eventually to paying trip customers.

When the new site launched, Bolt was able to cut its CAC by 50%.