Hi, I'm Kyle. I'm a product designer, photographer, and writer.

A wide product-focused skillset allows me to work and communicate effectively across design, business and engineering teams. I'm currently at Product Hunt, where I lead design on teams with a UGC and growth focus.


Product Hunt

Product Hubs

Redesigned Product Hubs resulted in a 32% increase in CTR to maker websites and a 21% increase in pages per session.


A new categorization taxonomy improved the Product Hunt experience for our researcher persona.

Submission flows

An updated post flow resulted in decreased support requests and significantly increased completion rate.

The Outbound Collective

Mobile Redesign

A redesign and shift to React Native lifted the app store rating from 3.5 to 4.8 stars and increased user retention significantly.

Programmatic SEO

I designed and developed a programmatic SEO strategy and grew organic web visits by 6x over a 12 month period.

Borrowed & Blue


I designed a new search architecture for the site that removed our reliance on fixed "regions", and towards a more flexible architecture based on locations + radius. We re-wrote nearly every model in our database and I worked closely with our head of engineering move us forward in a flexible and performant way.

Down the rabbit hole

We built a new image search experience utilizing our unique data set to improve actionable inspiration.

Simply Eloped

Inbound Leads

I identified misalignments in our inbound lead strategy with some simple A/B testing. This allowed us to more efficiently identify customer goals, appropriately target our follow-up, and dramatically improve inbound lead conversions.


I designed a calendar and scheduling experience that improved our ability to visually see vendor and venue bookings and availability.

Here & There


A personal side project + newsletter focused on deep dives in the travel and outdoor industry.

Another Puffy Jacket


Curated, well designed outdoor gear.

From colleagues


"Kyle's approach to design is what sets him apart from other designers for me. He's truly a product designer, doing both product management and design work. He invests time and effort in identifying and understanding a problem. He actively engages with different teams and users to gain an in-depth understanding, ensuring his solutions truly address the problem. Kyle frequently goes the extra mile — sometimes doing work that is out of his scope — reflecting his genuine passion for his work."


"Kyle's design and UX expertise are second to none. I had the pleasure of collaborating on several design projects and utilizing his insights to formulate product strategy. I was always impressed by Kyle's ability to generate ideas and hypotheses at a strategic level, then quickly execute them with proven results. Kyle also demonstrated strong leadership abilities to the rest of the company by always re-centering the discussion back to the customer's root problem. As a team member or a leader, Kyle earns my highest recommendation."


"Kyle is comfortable with the entire product development lifecycle, sketching up wireframes all the way to digging into the codebase and implementing front end code directly. Functionality that Kyle helped launch has had a direct impact on our financials, and has enabled our company to scale out our product offerings and parallelize our sales processes."

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