Simply Eloped

Making getting married simple, affordable, and stress-free. I worked on optimizing web conversions and updating Simply Eloped's presence to be more clear and simple.

📈 Increased inbound lead conversions by 23%
📊 Worked with CEO to identify relevant KPIs
💒 Redesigned a key form resulting in a 53% increase in quote requests

A high percentage of leads never respond to our initial communication. Why?

This project centered around being able to more accurate measure our inbound leads. Our site conversions were decent, but our conversion from lead --> customer was terrible and the sales team wasn't sure why.

As a simple test, I designed a new contact form that would separate leads into different groups (interested, unsure, and ready for quote). We tracked answers in our internal dashboard, and I added custom events in Google Analytics to keep track of answers and delve into more nitty-gritty details.

The result? In just a few days I had enough data to conclusively say that nearly 40% of our inbound leads weren't even sure if they wanted to elope.

Our contact forms weren't providing enough information to provide a tailored sales response. Every automated response email assumed that the lead was ready to elope, and ready to get a quote. This was resulting in lost leads because we were delivering the wrong message, to the wrong people, at the wrong time.

We were able to decrease our drop-offs by sending the "I'd like a quote" group directly to a quote form, rather than filling out a generic contact form and relying on a follow-up email. We created a new email drip for the "elopement curious", focusing on the benefits of elopement and answering common questions or concerns. Storing the answers in our database and Hubspot allowed us to begin experimenting with additional tailored email workflows moving forward.

Kyle's design and UX expertise are second to none...I was always impressed by Kyle's ability to generate ideas and hypotheses at a strategic level, then quickly execute them with proven results. Kyle also demonstrated strong leadership abilities to the rest of the company by always re-centering the discussion back to the customer's root problem.

- Lauren Mills, Product Manager